At MSB, you’re the boss! You choose what goes in your bowl from a wide selection of fresh ingredients, both hot and cold, and we take care of the cooking. Our goal is rather simple: to make divine food! And whether you’re a hardened meat eater or a veggie warrior, there is something for everyone! Don’t like being put on the spot? No worries, just pick one of our two monthly suggestions.

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Our Producers

We work with Agriz who offer fruit and vegetables from small, sustainable farms that respect the environment.

Our Specialities

Mont d'Or: warm and cold salad with Mont d'Or cheese! Perfect for those chilly days!
Pulled Pork Salad: marinated and caramelised pork served warm with house pickles and cooked and raw vegetables.
Vitaminée: Beetroot, oranges, lentils and smoked trout… with a nice spicy kick
In Morteau we trust: Morteau sausages and caramelised onions served with crunchy veg
Bo Bun-style Salad: a classic of Asian cuisine with MSB sauce

Our Story

MSB, 3 small letters that mean so much. On the menu: inventive salads made using super fresh, local ingredients just as the seasons intended. A concept created by Guillaume, who had only one thought on his mind: proving that salad can be copious and flavoursome. MSB challenges you to give into temptation… and not feel guilty!

Our Vision

Of Food Traboule

« Food Traboule is an amazing personal and entrepreneurial adventure. I’m so lucky to play a part in the revival of this legendary building! And it’s so rewarding to be a member of this dream team of Lyon chefs headed so determinedly by Tabata and Ludovic. With MSB, I hope to show that salads can be gourmet, inventive and eaten all year round! »
– Guillaume

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61 rue Denuzière
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