Food Traboule

A food hall… and so much more, right at the heart of the Tour Rose!

Tabata and Ludovic Mey, chefs at the restaurant Les Apothicaires, have begun a new chapter in the history of the famous Tour Rose, which stands in the middle of Lyon’s historic neighbourhood.

Welcome to Food Traboule: a unique, 660-m2 venue where good food and good times are always on the menu. Using fresh, local ingredients, 12 counters across 2 floors offer a range of sweet and savoury dishes cooked right in front of your eyes from within their open kitchens. At Food Traboule, everything is delicious, simple and affordable.

Once you manage to make your choice, take a pew in one of the seating areas, each with their own distinct vibe to suit any mood. No need to rush, there are over 240 seats, so you’ll always find a spot! Come with friends, family, colleagues or loved ones to celebrate, drink, grab a snack or just chill out all day long…

So, to sum up: 1 venerable building covering 660 m2, 12 counters, 2 bars, 1 coffee shop, 7 rooms, 7 vibes,
1 events space and 240 seats… So, come satisfy your curiosity and lose yourself in the gastronomic maze that is Food Traboule…

Food hall

« Food Traboule is the Tour Rose version 2.0, a real experience in a Food Hall to have fun through an accessible cuisine for all tastes. »

Eat, drink and be merry!

How does it work? It’s simple: just order what you want, when you want, from any one of the counters or directly at the table with the QR Code.

Given all the exquisite smells and sights, by far the hardest part is deciding which of Food Traboule’s amazing restaurants you are going to eat from: Substrat – La Panifacture, Bouchon lyonnais, Burger, Barbecue, Ludo’s pizza, Le Comptoir des Apothicaires, Bistrot, MSB, Basse-Cour, Lobs, La Baraque à sucre…
We notify you as soon as it’s ready via a notification or the beeper. You pick up your dishes at the different counters with the smile. A melting pot of cuisine that is perfect for sharing… or keeping all to yourself!

You’ll eat with proper cutlery and plates. When you’re done, we take care of getting rid of everything.

To order drinks, our waiters come to you and serve you directly at the table. For some of the finest coffee, cappuccino, latte, tea or other sweet treats, make a stop at the Coffee Shop!

The Counters

Caring about the planet

Food Traboule is committed to making the world a better place. It was very important for Tabata and Ludovic that the project had a higher purpose and was true to itself by championing short supply chains and product traceability… but that’s not all.

Since nowadays the need is no longer up for debate, Food Traboule is also designed to be zero waste in the very near future. Hence why you eat with real plates and cutlery. We have also installed microfiltered water fountains to avoid piles of bottles. The take-away packaging is also fully biodegradable and manufactured through sustainable processes.

« Delicious and healthy food, caring for the planet and people, educating others: it’s all linked. Both as chefs and parents, we wanted Food Traboule to put these same priorities first. Showing that it’s possible to build ties, accept our responsibilities and use some common sense… We believe we can do it. Do you, too? »
– Tabata et Ludovic