The Tour Rose, heard of it?

The Tour Rose (Pink Tower) lies in the historic neighbourhood of Old Lyon, famous for its Renaissance architecture and a UNESCO world heritage site. A true Lyon institution, it used to be a famous luxury hotel and restaurant with inimitable charm. It was most notably the chef Philippe Chavent who, for over 25 years, left a lasting mark on its history by making the building a major part of the city’s social scene.

Left empty for many years, the Tour Rose has been given a new lease of life, with chefs Tabata and Ludovic Mey taking care of the food, and MiHotel overseeing the accommodation. And with it, a new chapter begins in the history of the Saint-Jean neighbourhood, where locals and international tourists mix with history buffs and Sunday strollers.

Major renovations were needed to ensure the Tour Rose could reopen to the public and make Food Traboule possible. A challenge accepted by heritage architect Cécile Rémond and Collectif Saône, a group of architects led by Pierre Dumas, Justine Hotelier and Yoan Mayer. They redesigned the entire building to give each area its own unique feel while preserving the Tour Rose’s personal identity. Their aim is to take you on an adventure not only through the food, but also the original and convivial design. A diverse décor that passes from poetic to natural, cosy and timeless; a magnificent glass ceiling — you’ve never seen anything like it!

So, on your next leisurely stroll through the cobbled streets of Old Lyon, feel free to pay us a visit and discover the Tour Rose’s new look and its newest resident, Food Traboule.

Food Traboule

A Lyon food hall led by chefs

A Lyon food hall, a unique experience

Why is it called Food Traboule? A traboule is, in fact, a quintessential feature of Lyon’s architecture. It’s a narrow and covered passageway that goes right through the middle of a building, allowing you to walk from one street to another. Sitting below the splendid Fourvière basilica, the Tour Rose constitutes an essential part of any visit of Lyon’s famous labyrinth of traboules.

Food Traboule is so much more than simply a food hall with a variety of restaurants. It’s the birth of a new social scene and a project that puts people and food first. A unique, entirely renovated building that brings together all the wide-ranging facets of Lyon’s creative and dynamic gastronomic landscape. 7 areas, spread across 3 floors, are home to various open-kitchen counters, where the team cooks exciting dishes right in front of your eyes. A melting pot of cuisine built upon one foundation: “being delicious, simple and affordable”.

The concept?
Everyone orders what they want, when they want, before taking a seat together in one of the communal areas. If you just fancy a drink, head to the bar where you’ll find a selection of craft beer, wine and Chartreuse liqueur. Or if that’s not your thing, then visit the Coffee Shop for a tasty sweet snack at any time of the day. Set apart on the second floor is also an area that has been totally refurbished, with its own private kitchen, that is available to hire for events, dinners, exhibitions and other temporary occasions.

Tabata et Ludovic Mey

The founding chefs of Food Traboule

He is all about the mountains, nature, purity and beauty… Originally from the Savoy region, he grew up in a family of foodies and learnt to cook from his grandmother. His professional career has included an apprenticeship with chef Patrick Turpin in Chambery, time in Paris, two years with Christian Têtedoie in Lyon and then a spell at Marguerite Restaurant (part of the Bocuse group).

She is a blend of cultures, with an endless curiosity and a desire to shock… Originally from Brazil, she learned the tricks of the trade at the Institut Paul Bocuse and then with Michelin-starred chef Nicolas Le Bec in Lyon. In 2014, Paul Bocuse entrusted her with the reins of Marguerite Restaurant. It was here that she met her husband, Ludovic. The chemistry between the two passionate chefs led to them opening their own restaurant, Les Apothicaires, in Lyon’s 6th arrondissement. There, Tabata and Ludovic serve their own collective vision of cuisine, drawing inspiration from their eclectic experiences and heavily influenced by their time with René Redzepi, chef at NOMA in Copenhagen, voted the World’s Best Restaurant; Alex Atala in Brazil and Tiago in Belem.

Inspired by their culinary travels around the world, Tabata and Ludovic had long had the desire to create a new, friendly, open, collaborative, lively and affordable food hall, where everything was delicious yet simple. Their dream has finally become reality with Food Traboule, a food hall for a unique experience.