Lyon’s GastroPub

The neo-bistrot meets tapas! Come and share some creative cuisine where pork is the guest of honour, in tribute to Lyon’s gastronomy. Fish & Chips with a country bacon twist, Seared Iberian pluma or caramelised pulled pork burger with fried onions and homemade bbq sauce… go on, treat yourself!

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Our Producers

Montchervet farm in Amplepuis
Ferme des délices: farmers in Saint Symphorien de Lay

Our Specialities

Caramelised pulled pork burger with fried onions & homemade bbq sauce
Fish & Chips with a country bacon twist, paired with local beer

Our Story

A stone’s throw from Place des Terreaux, Lyon’s GastroPub marries fine cuisine with the friendly atmosphere of a pub, without forgetting a great selection of beer, wine and spirits. Opened in 2016, the hybrid venue has focused on blending conviviality, discovery and delectable cooking under the guidance of chef Jérémy Lemaitre. Its Food Traboule sister takes the same concept and adds a tapas twist. It’s so good you probably won’t want to share!

Our vision

Of Food Traboule

« Food Traboule is definitely about us wanting to join ‘the family’ behind a new place for people to meet and discover. We hope to create special memories with the other chefs and also explore new culinary horizons thanks to the variety of concepts on offer. »
– Simon et Jérémy

Our other Addresses


7 Rue Neuve
69001 LYON

04 72 45 99 12