Ludo’s Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is an art in itself! A soft dough with a raised crust, carefully selected premium ingredients and some unique expertise that Ludovic learnt from one of the best pizza chefs in all of Napoli. He even brought his oven directly from Italy! Regina with off-the-bone ham or quattro formaggi— it’s all to die for!

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Our Producers

Italy’s finest!

Our Specialities

Régina: tomatoes, off-the-bone ham, mozzarella and mushrooms
Quattro formaggi: tomatoes, mozzarella, scarmozza, gorgonzola and provolone
Greeeeeeeen: stracciatella, olive oil, marinated and grilled herbs
Margarita: tomatoes, fior di latte and basil

Our Story

Chef Ludovic Mey is a pizza fanatic. According to him, it’s the best family Sunday dinner by far. When he isn’t at the restaurant Les Apothicaires, where him and his wife unite to serve their own eclectic vision of cuisine, this personal venture at Food Traboule is where he can indulge himself in his own passion.

Our vision

Of Food Traboule

« It started with a rather crazy idea during our culinary travels abroad, where we discovered that food is a simple, social event with no rules. It started with my wife and I asking ourselves: ‘why not us?’ We wanted to create somewhere that brings the community together, led by chefs who want to have fun with affordable and liberated cuisine. The beginning of a great adventure… »
– Ludovic