La Meunière

Cones of quenelle chips and lobster mayonnaise, tablier de sapeur nuggets, tartare source, andouillette kebab… Chef Olivier Canal and his team are taking Lyon’s traditional bouchon restaurant and turning it on its head! Hearty and convivial cuisine that puts a creative twist on Lyon’s classic delicacies.

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Our Producers

Ludovic from Maison Deschamps for the olive oil bread used in our andouillette kebab
Viabat, the region’s tripe merchant

Our Specialities

Pike quenelle chips and lobster mayonnaise
Andouillette kebab
Famous Lyon starters: lentil salad, cervelas and brawn
Tablier de sapeur nuggets, tartare sauce

Our Story

Olivier and Franck took over the Lyon bouchon La Meunière in 2014. Found just around the corner from Place des Terreaux, the restaurant has been regaling food lovers with hearty traditional Lyon cuisine in its cosy setting for over a century. With Food Traboule, La Meunière has the opportunity to relive its youth. Fried quenelles topped with a lobster mayonnaise or andouillette kebab with a fromage blanc & mustard sauce: everything they touch turns to edible gold!

Our vision

Of Food Traboule

« Food Traboule is a people-first project that upholds the same principles we do, and which we wanted to join to showcase a new expression of Lyon cuisine. Tabata and Ludovic have given us the opportunity to stray from the beaten path. A fantastic chance to show how modern tradition can be! »
– Franck et Olivier

Our other Address


11 Rue Neuve
69001 LYON

04 78 28 62 91