La Baraque à Sucre

If you’re looking for the true definition of indulgence, you can find it here. Real desserts concocted in harmony with the seasons and the chef’s unbridled imagination. What will your Achilles’ heel be: chocolate, caramel, praline and Chantilly cream or fresh fruit? A gluten-free and lactose-free option will also always be available. And when the hot summer days are upon us, cool yourself off with some homemade Italian ice cream and a large selection of toppings.

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Our Specialities

Baked apple, hibiscus and dulcey chocolate
Mont Blanc with chestnut & mango or chestnut & lime
A new take on Black Forest Gâteau
Gluten-free and lactose-free pear with quinoa brittle

Our Story

Auriane and Maxime both have a huge sweet tooth, which led them to training with Jérôme de Oliveira, the youngest world pastry champion; Dutch chef Roger van Damme, voted best pastry chef in the world; and in a host of other illustrious establishments such as Le Cour des Loges. With La Baraque à sucre, this young couple of pastry chefs offer us their vision of the art, in the firm belief that the simplest of things are often the best!

Our Vision

Of Food Traboule

« Food Traboule was an unmissable opportunity for us to join a magnificent project right at a time when we were contemplating going it on our own. We saw it as an honour to be able to start our own business surrounded by renowned professionals. »
– Auriane et Max