Basse Cour

Julien, Samuel and Emmanuel, it’s 21 years of Street Food between them … After Yaafa, Smør & Brød and Lob’s, they are imagining a new concept here around the poultry and other quality farm products.

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Our Producers

Poultry: Le Gourmet Lyonnais
Vegetables: Agriz
Spices: Maison Bensoussan

Our Specialities

Cordon Bleu maison
Bucket Basse Cour
Nuggets de ris de veau

Our Story

Welcome to the counter that steals your feathers! Samuel Moos, Julien Vermeille and Emmanuel Bodhuin, it’s 21 years of street food between them. They imagine here a new concept around poultry from the region and other quality farm products. Goodbye veal, cow, pig… Everything here is fried, breaded, seared, cooked at low temperature… The cordon bleu is revisited with a tender heart of pulled “apicius” duck (Old School Baby), all surrounded by breadcrumbs with popcorn corn and oatmeal. Every month, the “Supreme Country”, a street food supreme of poultry, takes you on a discovery of new flavors. And on the creamery side, the Crispy Mozza, both crispy and tender, is a spur of the moment that gives goosebumps! What to nail your beak!

Our vision

Of Food Traboule

« Food Traboule was a no-brainer because we believe cooking is first and foremost about friendship and sharing. And given the line-up, there’s more than enough to go around! »
– Julien, Samuel et Manu