After La Meunière and the Bistrot du Potager, Mai and Franck Delhoum is back at Food Traboule with Yataï, the local Asian bistro with a nod to Mai’s Vietnamese origins.

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Our Specialities

Onigiri, Japanese speciality : stuffed rice triangle served with soy sauce
Bò bún, Vietnamese speciality : beef, egg rolls, peanuts, herbs, nuoc mam
Bibimbap, Korean speciality : marinated egg, trout and raw vegetables
Thai style marinated vegetables with peking pork

Our Story

Yataï, it’s the local Asian bistrot. Spring roll, onigiri, ramen, Vietnamese soup or pork with caramel sauce… Here, no borders. You travel around Asia according to your desires and your inspiration working some fresh produce quality. Our only limit : the taste !
Fasten your seat belts, you are about to take off on a trip to the lands of the rising sun !

Our vision

Of Food Traboule