The Butcher Brother, a.k.a Mat, offers only the finest meat in all the land! Whether you prefer your beef served tataki, shredded, tartare or as a burger; with potatoes or crunchy veg — this is one chef who certainly knows how not to butcher his food.

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Our Producers

Lesage Prestige, in Chemy in North France, have been helping us select our meat for over 6 years.

Our Specialities

Butcher Burger house classic: 150 g steak, cantal cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, stewed onions and pickles
Beef Tataki: griddled beef, sesame seeds, Kalbi sauce, spring onions
Australian Wagyu Chuck roll served griddled
Tartare special

Our Story

Butcher Brother, as the name would suggest, preserves the art of the traditional butcher where quality is king. Shredded, griddled or as a burger: the beef is cooked simply but to perfection, without any fancy thrills. We let the quality and flavour do all the talking.

Our vision

Of Food Traboule

« Food Traboule is a stunning building and an amazing challenge. Being able to share this adventure with other chefs that we know and respect makes it all the more exciting. We hope it will be enriching both personally and professionally. We can’t wait! »
– Mat

Our other Address


30 Rue Lanterne
69001 LYON

09 50 76 46 82