Lyon’s Le Bistrot du Potager now has its sweet alter-ego. And if you have a sweet tooth of your own, then this is dangerous territory: chocolate mousse, tiramisu and rice pudding served by the spoonful, cheesecakes and filled doughnuts — it’s like you’ve died and gone to heaven! The house delicacy is the Mitchut® du Bistrot, which consists of a Landes brioche flattened like a waffle with your choice of topping. How about trying a gluten-free chestnut biscuit? Just when you thought Le Bistrot du Potager couldn’t get any sweeter…

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Our Producers

The artisan chef Patrice Lubet, from Hossegor, for his pastis Mitchut ®: a Landes brioche whose unique recipe fuses the region’s quintessential flavours of rum, vanilla and brown sugar.

Our Specialities

Mitchut ® du Bistrot
Filled doughnuts
Tiramisu and chocolate mousse served by the spoonful

Our Story

On the back of its restaurants in Lyon’s Gerland and Stalingrad neighbourhoods, Le Bistrot du Potager shows no signs of slowing down with this new concept for all those who crave the sweeter things in life. The authentic and simple flavours of childhood, the nostalgia of desserts from yesteryear… that’s all that was needed for Mai, Floriant and Franck to embark upon their new adventure: Le Bistrot du Sucré. You won’t find any conventional or shop-bought pastries here. These are creations from professional chefs, grandmothers’ secret recipes or mum’s doughnuts and shortbread.

Everything is possible: lick your fingers clean, eat a dessert even if you’re full, take cookies to share with your friends cause they’re just so good, or treat yourself by ordering a cake from Axel the pastry chef. The only rule is indulgence; and the only limit is pleasure.

Our vision

Of Food Traboule

« Food Traboule is a cosy escape in a magnificent and effervescent building, an open window into an historical neighbourhood, an adventure with passionate people, the opportunity for locals and tourists to discover our desserts — there was no shortage of reasons for us to join Food Traboule. »
– Mai, Claire, Floriant et Franck

Our other Addresses


163 boulevard de Stalingrad
69006 LYON

Du lundi au vendredi
midi et soir

04 78 93 19 75


83, rue de Gerland
69007 LYON

Du lundi au vendredi
midi et soir

04 37 70 36 95